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Terminal information Palma Mallorca Airport

Palma de Mallorca Airport has currently one main terminal building divided in four modules (these modules were formerly named as independent terminals).


Module A

It is located in the north of the airport. It has 28 gates and 8 of them can handle airbridges (it also has air bridges attached to gates, the only one in the airport).

It manages non-Schengen flights including Ireland and UK.

During winter this terminal is closed, it only works during the summer season.


Module B

It is located northeast of the airport and has 8 gates. It is the smallest module, its gates are located on the ground floor and none can handle airbridges. This module is closed during winter season, it is only used during the summer season.

The terminal is used by the regional airline Air Nostrum, which operates flights to Menorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Lleida, Asturias and Santiago de Compostela airports.


Module C

It is the largest one in Mallorca airport with 33 gates, which 9 of them can handle airbridges. This module is mostly used by Condor, EasyJet flights (Schengen destinations), Niki and Air Berlin. Currently is under a refurbishment and it is planned to provide the terminal with 8 more gates with airbridges (maintaining the 33 gates in total).


Module D

It is located in the south of the terminal. It has 19 gates, which 10 of them can handle airbridges. Most of the flights are in Europe.